Wednesday, July 24, 2013


    Monday night we drove into HEART. It was really hard leaving Masii. After spending the past 3 weeks there, getting to know the people who live there, and just immersing ourselves into their lives, we had to move on to out next destination. Which is good, but is sad at the same time.

    This past Saturday we spent the day with the youth of MCC. It was great to fellowship and to learn more about them. We went on a hike to spend time together. Their idea of a hike, and our idea of a hike is much different. We climbed a mountain on Saturday. And most of the way didn't have a trail. We were climbing through bushes and trees and had bugs on us. It was great. We got to the top of the mountain, and the view was so crazy! We could see for miles! It was one of the best hikes I've ever been on. And to add to the adventure, Sarah and I hiked the whole thing in skirts. It was pretty great.

    Sunday was church. Ken and I went to the Youth Service at 7 am. It was a great service. There were 4 of us there. Ken, Pastor James, Caleb, and I were all there. The church doors were locked, so we held the service outside in a tent and talked and prayed and it was great. Then we had the 2nd and 3rd services and Mike preached. They were great services. During the second service I got to spend time with my little friend Faith Mwelu. She sat on my lap and was singing with me during worship. After service we spent time with the kids walking back to the building. And then spent the rest of the day packing.

    Monday was a great day. Our sponsor kids came to the building and we got to spend the morning with them. I got to see Nduleve and we walked around the market and went to the supermarket. I bought her a few things for school, because all the kids are back in school now that the teacher strike is over. I also bought her a new pair of shoes to match my shoes, and a skirt to match my skirt so we can be matching. It was so great to see her and to spend that time with her. Then came the hard part, saying goodbye. It was really sad, because I knew it was the last time I will see her until I go back. After seeing our kids, we went to Wamunyu Disability School. We brought them chickens. It was such a great thing to see. We presented the chickens to the kids and they were holding them up in the air and they were so happy to have chickens. It was one of those moments that I don't think I'll ever forget. We left the school and went back to the building and said our last goodbyes and then headed out. I was looking for my little friend Faith, to say bye to, because I didn't get to say bye to her on Sunday, but I didn't see her before we left. But as we were leaving Masii, I saw Faith walking home from school, which made me really happy to be able to see her one last time before leaving.

    Yesterday we went to the WEEP Center in Kibera. The WEEP Center is a place for Women who are HIV positive to go and get help to get healthy and to learn how to get back into the community through some form of trade. When a women, or anyone, becomes HIV positive, they are looked down upon by the rest of the community and it's hard for them to make a living because people won't buy from them. So the WEEP center is to help women get back on their feet and get them a trade, such as sowing or bead making, and give them self confidence back. All while helping the women in their walk with the Lord. It's amazing what these centers do. So we went to the center and we painted two rooms and measured for shelving. After painting, it looked like we got more paint on us than on the walls. It was fun.

    Today we went back to visit Community Transformers (CT) and their orphanage. We had a Fun Day #3. We set up all our stuff at the orphanage, and because the kids were all in school, the guys started washing the windows until we could go pick up the kids from school. When we could go pick them up, we all got in the bus and drove to the school and met with the headmaster and got the kids. There were about 15 kids in total who could get out of school. There are 34 kids who live in the orphanage, but because of the teacher strikes, and school just getting back into session, most of the kids couldn't get out of school. When we got back, we played with the kids for a while. The first thing we did was a water balloon toss. It was a blast, all the kids were laughing. I got completely soaked. It was a great time. Then we made the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and crisps (potato chips), cookies, and milk. And then came craft time! We made lanyard key chains, and sock puppets, and colored. It was great. Then we had chai, and they did a few songs for us, and we left. At the orphanage, I met a little girl. Her name was Mercy. She is 11 and is in class 3. When she is older, she wants to be a teacher. I had asked her if she likes to sing and dance and she never really answered me. So when she went up with the rest of the kids to sing for us, and everyone started dancing, it was funny to watch as she clearly wasn't so great at dancing. I laughed a bit because I'm really not good at dancing or singing either.

    We are all really excited for tomorrow. We are going up country to one of the other WEEP centers to help out there. We will be staying at a lodge out there tomorrow night and Friday night and coming back Saturday. At the WEEP Center, we will be painting again, and helping out with whatever they need. But mostly painting. It will be an adventure, because no one from our team has gone to this center before, so it'll be a lot of fun.

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